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Here you have a few Christmas pictures of Jonathan Knight sent by Kristie Alley.


Jonathan´s messages at the Block Nation yesterday:

I feel your pain!

Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 8:32 PM By: Jonathan Knight


Holy shit buying concert tix is stressful…… Janet Jackson here I come!


Nope! But I will be going to see Ricky Martin in LA


Our set list for the BSBNKOTB tour


Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 1:16 AM By: Jonathan Knight


Thought you would all enjoy this

1. a great song
2. my favorite song from the Block Album
3. A few songs I don’t really know cause they aren’t ours
4. you all love this one
5. The song with the hard to remember dance moves
6. Some more songs I don’t really know
7. an oldie but goody of ours
8. A song with some cool effects
Time for a cigarette
Hell still time for another
9. that song with the word love in it
10. That song with the word girl in it
11. Another song with girl in it
12. Oh jeez, yet another song with the word girl in it
13. yay, finally a song with the word baby in it
14 no clue yet
15. still no effin clue
16. Ok we need to get some songs in here
17. The classic finale song come on you now it by now! NO not that one stupid!
18. the song where they have to get me off the bus cause I forgot we had to do an encore!

NKOTBSB have started to rehearsing you can see some shoots of this thanx to Danny:

Here you have some videos of Joe and Jon at the NewNowNext, at the Red carpet, the show, interview and Backstage, from and Best week ever.

Click here to watch a video of Joe, Jon and AJ at the red carpet of the NewNowNext awards where Joe talks about how great the NKOTBSB concerts will be. The NewNowNext awards premieres today at 10/9C on Logo. Don’t miss it ‘cause it opened with a performance paying tribute to New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys (nominees and winners of this year’s “Best New Indulgence” category) performed by the drag queens of “RuPaul’s Drag Race as the “Backstreet Girls” and “New Queens on the Block” as seen on Broadcast Newsroom.


Joe, Jon and AJ, were yesterday at the New Now Next Awards, they told at the red capet that NKOTBSB are putting together a show that will be the show of fans life. You can see a video of this moment from ETAlso here you have some pictures of yesterday:

Here you have a few more pictures of Jon with Kristie Alley and another video by clicking here.